When You Should Update Marine Electronics

Every boat owner has various electronics on board to assist them when on the water. When it comes to marine electronics, there are many different products that are available for boat owners. The most common being chart-plotters, sonar, GPS, lighting systems, and sound systems, just to name a few. Each product has a purpose and an importance, and are chosen based on the boat owners needs. Marine electronics not only keep you safe, but can make your boating experience much more enjoyable.

The development and improvement of these marine electronics tend to happen at a rapid rate. It seems that there are constantly new advancements being made. With more data and feedback being received, new products are created and released to accommodate the demand. As with anything else, there is a certain lifespan when it comes to marine electronics. Every so often, boat owners do need to consider if it is necessary to upgrade and replace their current electronics on board.

When deciding when you should update your marine electronics, there are three main factors to consider, among others. The most important factors in the decision to update include safety, technology, and compatibility. In taking some time and analyzing where your current electronics fall in these categories, you will know when it is time for an upgrade.  

The first thing to consider when deciding to upgrade your on board electronics is safety.  Oftentimes, marine electronics are used to keep everyone on board as safe as possible. The bottom of a body of water can change at any time due to a number of factors, such as sand moving from tides, or even a hurricane changing the land layout. The newest chart plotters allow boat owners to get extremely accurate readings in any body of water, but that wasn’t always the case. By updating your electronics, you can ensure that the boat will not encounter any unknown waters, and keep everyone on board safe. 

The next factor to consider when upgrading marine electronics is technology. Simply put, outdated technology will not work as well, or as efficiently, as newer technology. For some boat owners, it can be tough to let go of equipment that you are comfortable with, and have grown accustomed to using. However, by not upgrading, you could be missing out on something more efficient and easier to use that you may like even more. Take advantage of the upgrades in technology when it comes to your marine electronics.  

Another key factor to consider is overall compatibility. Onboard marine electronics often work together as a system. If there is not a clear compatibility with all of your devices, not only is it a lack of efficiency, but it could be a source of frustration. Make sure that all of your marine electronics work together and that you are able to integrate each item on your vessel without any issues. If you find there are any compatibility issues, it may be time to update.

It is important to be aware of when you should update your marine electronics to ensure the safety of everyone on board, exercise efficiency, and have the most enjoyable boating experience possible. If you are unsure when you should update certain marine electronics, you can always reach out to a marine service professional at MPI for help. Trusted marine professionals can guide you in your decision and answer any questions that you may have.