What marine products do you actually need

With all of the new shiny gadgets on the market, it may be hard to tell what marine products you actually need. Overshopping and overspending may be tempting, but once you understand what things are actually a necessity for your vessel, these may no longer be a concern. Knowing when these products need to be replaced or upgraded may also be difficult to understand. We recommend that if a product is five years or older, it is time for it to be upgraded. The MPI team has worked diligently to compile a list of the essential marine products you’ll need to enjoy safe and stress-free sailing. 

If you’re an avid fisher, you’re well-aware that there are specific devices and products needed to facilitate the fishing process. Discerning exactly what you need may seem impossible, but don’t fret, we’re here to tell you which products you actually need. We recommend investing in a fish finder, chart plotter, sonar, AIS system, radar and VHF radio, as well as some speakers. Additionally, we recommend and EPRIB for offshore fishing and auto-pilot for trolling patterns. Sure, there are other plenty of instruments and tools you could invest in, but these products will provide you with a strong foundation that covers all your fishing needs.

 If your vessel is just going to be used for cruising and yachting, your list of essential products is somewhat different than the one mentioned above, but some of the products do happen to overlap. You’ll also need a chartplotter or two, radar, VHF radio, AIS system, an EPIRB and a great stereo system wouldn’t hurt either.  An AIS system is great for maneuvering around traffic clustered waterways and an EPIRB is highly recommended for offshore cruising. Although it’s not necessary for inshore cruising, it’s definitely good to have. Internet is another necessary product that brings with it many benefits. There are several ways to get internet onboard, satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Purchasing the essentials is surely an important part of being a prepared boater, but the most important thing is for one to really learn how to use all of these electronics. Going ahead and purchasing all of these products is only the first step of the process, learning how to use them adeptly is the next step. However, now that we have taken out the stress of deciding what it is you need to buy, you have the extra time to master using all of these gadgets. 

Owning a boat is already an expensive luxury, but knowing the must-haves ensures that you’re not spending any more than you have to. There’s no sense in overbuying—spend less, while remaining prepared with the help of MPI. Find out more on all the marine electronics over on MPI’s site https://marineprofessionals.com/marine-electronics-audio-video-and-networking/