Updating Your Security Cameras

Marine Security Cameras

To many, if not all, boat owners, their boats are one of their most prized possessions. When not working or dealing with the trials and tribulations of life, they’re out on the water basking in the true joy that comes with owning a boat. Boaters spend so much time on their vessels that they can essentially be called their second home. Most homeowners have security cameras all around their homes so it’s only logical to have marine security cameras all around your boat. 

Not only do marine security cameras offer a multitude of practical benefits, but they offer you some peace of mind. One obvious benefit is that they ensure vessel safety from thieves, but security cameras also allow you to monitor and view the engine room at  all times, as well as watch people working on the dock, machinery and stowed equipment. Security cameras can also be mounted for when at the marina on the bow pulpit to assist with manuerving and docking in crowded harbors, which we all know can be a real pain. 

There are quite a few things that should be considered when purchasing marine security systems. For starters, you should always go for buying a qualified marine security  camera. You should look into brands with a high reputation and consumer base, and always look into users’ reviews. Yes, a reasonable price for a camera plays a role, but you should never compromise the quality of camera system for a few bucks. It’s also important to  choose a high quality marine night vision/infrared security camera, as many crimes are committed at night to not be easily observed. In a situation like this, these cameras could allow for you to identify details and could act as evidence for law enforcement officials. Additionally, some camera systems offer you multiple recording options, which can act as back ups to be reviewed later—another option to think about. Another consideration would purchasing a security camera that allows for remote access and live streaming from your phone/computer. Most people cannot physically go to their boat to check security everyday, so remote access to your system would allow for you to keep track of everything from the comfort of your office, home or even from the grocery store. 

Depending on how large of an area you would want to monitor, the viewing angles of security cameras should also be a major consideration. The viewing angle determines coverage and the best resolution camera is one that allows you to monitor as much area as possible. Moreover, it’s important that you select a marine security camera that best fits your needs. Do you need a wired or wireless one? An indoor or outdoor one? It is crucial to figure this out prior to going through with a purchase. Some marine security cameras are also capable of detecting motion and providing real-time alerts, so this may be another feature you’d like to consider. Lastly, you should consider the power supply mode for the cameras that you’d prefer more: plugged-in or battery-powered. 

As you can see, there are quite a few things that go into selecting the right security  camera for your boat. However, this isn’t a process that you have to go through alone—MPI is here to guide you through it all, and we even install security system cameras because we believe protecting your boat is of the utmost importance. We carry a variety of security cameras, from Garmin to RayMarine, and are bound to have at least one system that fits your needs. Just as your home surveillance system needs to be constantly updated, so does your boat’s system. Make boating less stressful, contact MPI today to learn more about marine security camera systems. A protected boater is a smart one.