KVH’s TracVision UHD7 Antenna

All boaters can attest to the fact that there is truly nothing quite like being at sea. The freedom of the open waters is invigorating, the fresh air is relaxing and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Although many boats do feel like home, there is still one thing missing from the equation of making the boating experience entirely homey and complete: satellite TV. With KVH’s TracVision UHD7, however, boaters can enjoy TV at sea exactly as they would at home. KVH’s rugged TracVision UHD7 is a maritime satellite 4K TV antenna system made of the most advanced technology. It features a unique tri-rod dielectric feed, which allows it to deliver high-definition programming from DIRECTV onboard. This innovate antenna uses KVH’s patented TriAD technology to receive broadcasts from not one, but three Ku- and Ka- band DIRECTV satellites at the same time. This system offers top-quality stabilization in all sea state due to enhanced tracking algorithms and stainless steel bearing construction. KVH’s state-of-the-art technology ensures for outstanding reception, so seafarers aboard can enjoy satellite TV regardless of where they are. Compatibility with DISH programming throughout U.S., Central America, or Caribbean waters, and Bell in Canada boaters can enjoy a US feed all the way down to the Caribbean.

The TracVision UHD7 is made up of industry-leading technology, which gives it the power to bring the thrill of HDTV to sea. Easy, 2-cable installation and the capability of 26 tuners out of the box, lowers the installation costs in most cases. This system is something that every boater should invest in, as it truly is the missing piece of what makes a boat complete. Because everyone deserves to experience a superior system, KVH is now offering a deal that makes it even more worthwhile—now through December 31st, 2019, there is a DIRECTV upgrade special of $2,000 cash back with the purchase of a new TracVision HD7 satellite TV system.

This special will not last for long, so taking advantage of it now is a must. The TracVision UHD7 is exactly what you’ve been looking for; de-stress even more during your time at sea with the help of satellite TV. You’ll thank yourself later. 

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