The Connected Yacht™


The Connected Yacht™ works to keep you informed and updated with all of your boat’s details and information regardless of where you are in the world. It leverages all of today’s technology including Hi-Fi Audio, HDTV, fast-streaming internet, security, control and service.  Even if you are in the middle of the ocean, this system has the ability to make you feel only a few steps from land. Essentially, this game-changing technology has the power of turning your boat into your home away from home or even a floating office, something that could have never been imagined. 

The idea of a smart-boat is not a new concept, but MPI’s technology goes above and beyond what the competition is capable of. Other boat monitoring systems tend to offer the bare minimum in terms of provided service, or require you to upgrade your system in order to access the technology that best fits your needs. This is by no means the case with The Connected Yacht™, as its goal is to work with boaters to enhance the luxury vessel experience and the only way to do so is by being customizable. It is an entirely customizable system that is meant to fit and serve individual needs. So if you want 360-degree security cameras along with a remote anchor watch, this system can do that. If you want bilge pump monitoring and/or engine system monitoring, this technology is also more than capable of doing that. 

A luxury boat should not be a contributor of stress or headaches, but rather be your escape from the pressures of day-to-day life. The Connected Yacht™ technology package has the power to simplify the complexity that follows today’s technology and the benefits that follow the installation of this system are endless. There is no sense in only having a smart home, turn your dreams into reality and let MPI transform your yacht into a smart yacht.