Elvis Mascot (1998-2010)

Elvis was a German Short-haired Pointer adopted from Abandoned Pet Rescue www.apr.rescuegroups.org in 1999. After a few short months of training he was put to work at MPI. Elvis was the MPI team mascot and the MPI “dog of the year” from 2000-2010. He was always the first dog to arrive to work in the morning and the last one to leave. You would often find Elvis in Marc’s office helping him with invoices (taking a snooze), in Dave’s office helping him order parts, (begging for food) or in the entry way greeting our clients.
Elvis spent his winter months working out of the Ft. Lauderdale, FL office and traveled to Scituate, MA in the summer months to work out of our Boston, MA office. He went to work every day and never complained. Customers and vendors knew him by name, so he was loved and known by all as an integral part of the MPI family. In 2009 Elvis got sick, but because of his strong will to survive and nurturing from loved ones, he made an almost complete recovery. Even in his weakened state, he continued his dedication and devotion to MPI and came to work. In July of 2010, we sadly lost Elvis, but he is never forgotten and forever remembered as a friend, mascot and legend.