SureShade MTX Pull-Out Boat Shade

Boat shades are an extremely important, and essential feature for any vessel. Not only can they enhance the comfort of your boating experience, they offer safety and protection from the sun while on the water. However, even though proper shade for everyone aboard is often required, many boats do not come equipped with shades large enough to accomplish this. In keeping this in mind, Sureshade has designed a shade system that easily solves this problem.

The Sureshade MTX™ Pull Out Boat Shade is a retractable shade system. It is a self-supported pull-out shade that has the look and feel of the SureShade ATF electric shade, but is manual in operation. The shade can be extended or retracted within seconds, which is perfect for users looking for full shade coverage. It is built using stainless steel construction, resulting in smoother system operation. The Sureshade MTX™ Pull Out Boat Shade is ideal for any boat under 45ft, and comes in several sizes so boat owners are able to choose the perfect fit for their vessel. 

The patented design of the Sureshade MTX™ Pull Out Boat Shade has several key features of note:

  1. Manual OperationThe canvas extends by pulling out shade and then retracts by pushing it back in, eliminating the use of any electronic devices required for operation.

  2. Telescoping Framework – Patented telescoping framework technology allows the shade to extend and retract with no support poles to interfere with boating activities or passengers.
  3. Versatile Installations – The Sureshade MTX™ can be easily installed on hardtop, arch, T-top or tower designs for a natural extension of any type of boat.
  4. Marine Grade Construction – The shade is designed specifically for the marine environment with durable stainless steel construction using Sunbrella marine fabric.
  5. Factory or Aftermarket Installation – The shade can be installed at the factory as a new boat option or custom feature, or added aftermarket as an upgrade to an existing vessel.

With all of these features, it’s no surprise that the Sureshade MTX™ Pull-Out Boat Shade was selected by Boating Industry magazine as a 2019 Top Product. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the sunshade system also features marine-grade Sunbrella® canvas for optimal durability in a marine environment. The patented canvas resists mildew and fading, and carries the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for sun protection.

The Sureshade MTX™ Pull Out Boat Shade is the ideal shade solution that meets both the demand for more shade as well as maintaining an obstruction and hassle-free deck. The ease of use and self-supported framework provides boaters quick access to shade without interfering with any onboard or water activities. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of the Sureshade MTX™ Pull Out Boat Shade on your boat, contact the Marine Service Professionals at MPI. We will gladly review the options available with you, and walk you through the process of having one installed on your vessel.