SONOS sound system

Marine Professionals Incorporated uses only the highest quality sound systems, customized to provide the best sound experience for its users. Our main goal at MPI is to always provide high quality options to boat owners for marine audio and sound systems. We pride ourselves on only offering the best products available. This is the reason we offer SONOS sound systems in our product lineup. 

Today, SONOS has emerged as the top wireless speaker brand in the country. Marine Professionals Incorporated is proud to be recognized as the only Sonos Gold Marine dealer that is certified and trained in the United States. We work hard to bring the best hi-fi audio experience to our clients by installing and training boat owners on how to properly use their SONOS sound system.

There are several key benefits in choosing to incorporate the SONOS sound system with MPI into your yacht.  Here are five of the biggest benefits our clients experience:

  1. When choosing to install SONOS speakers on your vessel, keep in mind SONONS can be added into existing audio systems or installed as stand alone, no wires need to be run from room to room making this the best option when deciding to refit your vessel.
  2. There is no receiver required.

The SONOS system is fully wireless, meaning there is no receiver that is required. You have the ability to control the system through the SONOS app on your phone, and any music or audio will play through the speakers placed throughout the boat. The SONOS Hi-Fi audio system allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

  1. SONOS offers movable speakers.

The speakers in the SONOS audio product line are designed with the user in mind. For some, that means permanently mounting speakers in certain locations throughout the vessel. For others looking for more flexibility, SONOS created speakers that can be moved throughout the boat as you see fit. As your audio needs change and adapt, so can your sound system setup.

  1. The SONOS Trade-Up Program

The trade-up program is a simple way to upgrade your SONOS system. Clients can recycle an eligible device and receive credit for 30% off any new SONOS product. This is the best way to modernize your system, and the easiest way to upgrade to a better listening experience as technology improves.

SImply follow a quick, three step process to upgrade your sound system at a discounted rate. Step 1 – Sign in to your account and select eligible products under the Trade-Up tab.

Step 2 – Open up your Sonos app and confirm products to recycle in exchange for credit.

Step 3 – Enjoy 30% off a new product for each one you trade up.

  1. There is an upgrade available through MPI.

As an incentive for all of our clients, Marine Professionals Inc is currently offering $250 off the cost of the system install for any SONOS sound system purchased through our company.

Not only does the SONOS sound system offer the best sound quality when it comes to marine audio, but there are so many added benefits in choosing this sound system over another brand. Marc Curreri, the president of Marine Professionals Inc, says, “We’ve been equipping yachts with SONOS speakers and systems for many years, and as a “Gold Dealer” it shows we know exactly which SONOS system is best for each user. He adds, “The benefit of working with a local certified dealer is that you will save time and money.”

In choosing to install a SONOS sound system onto your vessel with Marine Professionals Inc, you are ensuring that you will have the highest quality and most adaptive sound system available. Let the professionals at MPI guide you in the process of choosing the SONOS sound system that is perfect for you and your needs.

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