SiriusXM: Weather and Fish Mapping

Anglers of any skill level are always looking for ways to improve their overall fishing experience. While there are many electronics on the market that can assist when it comes to fishing, none can compare to SiriusXM Fish Mapping™. The new Fish Mapping™ service offers users comprehensive benefits when it comes to fishing. Whether you are fishing for fun or involved in tournament fishing, Fish Mapping™ will guide you to the exact location the fish you’re looking for are likely to be.

The Fish Mapping™ service from SiriusXM not only provides accurate weather data but also offers anglers extensive benefits to enhance their fishing experience. Many of the benefits that come with the Fish Mapping™ service are updated daily, some every few hours, ensuring that users have access to the most up to date information at all times. Here is a breakdown of the major benefits users can enjoy with the SiriusXM Fish Mapping™ service:

  • Fishing Recommendations – View recommended locations for certain types of fish. The locations are overlaid on your chart and can be viewed in combination with other features. This information helps anglers find the fish they’re looking for much quicker. 
  • Weed Lines – View concentrations of floating algae and plants. Algae and other plants provide nutrients and create perfect habitats for baitfish, while also attracting larger fish. As these lines change over time, they can be difficult to locate. This feature will highlight where the lines have been most recently.
  • Sea Surface Height Anomaly – Shows where the sea surface height is different from the surrounding area. This helps to locate “upwelling” areas that create favorable conditions for fish, including nutrient-rich water. In contrast, it also helps to avoid areas that do not have favorable fishing conditions.
  • Sea Surface Temperature Contours – View contour lines and view the water temperatures in your selected area. This is used to help locate an angler’s target species based on their preferred temperature range.
  • Sea Surface Temperature Front Strength – View estimated strength of ocean fronts. Significant temperature changes concentrate nutrients, making them good places to find game fish. The stronger the front, the greater the chance of more fish.
  • 30m Subsurface Sea Temperature – View the water temperature 30 meters below the surface. Since different species of fish prefer specific ranges of temperatures, this feature helps anglers find the areas where their ideal fish might be.
  • Plankton Concentration Contours – View areas of plankton concentrations. As plankton is the primary food source for most fish, the multi-function display helps to identify favorable conditions.
  • Plankton Front Strength – View areas with strong plankton concentration. Strong plankton fronts indicate where nutrient-rich water occurs next to clear water. In locations where both the plankton and temperature fronts coincide, there tends to be better fishing.

In addition to all of the benefits, the Fish Mapping™ service from SiriusXM is also a great value. The weather data available helps you to safely avoid any climate weather conditions, ensuring the safety of everyone on board. Additionally, the Fish Mapping™ technology guides anglers right to where the fish are, saving both time, fuel, and ultimately, money.

Incorporating this technology into your vessel is a simple process. The Fish Mapping™ service requires a Garmin GXM™ 54 Weather Receiver, as well as a compatible Garmin display with updated software. MPI can install this technology for clients quickly and easily. If you have any questions about the system, make sure to check with the marine professionals at MPI, as they are happy to answer all of your questions. With a few simple steps, you will be able to access all of the features Fish Mapping™ has to offer. Get Fish Mapping™ today, and enjoy more fishing, and less guessing.