Absentee Boater Plan

YOUR BOAT IS AN INVESTMENT! Let MPI help you retain its maximum value. Our unique plan provides you with the peace of mind that your boat is ready for use at all times. By performing a regularly scheduled monthly maintenance program of detailing, system checks and diving services, your boat will be kept in pristine condition. There are many financial benefits for our Absentee Owners Plan clients and ONLY those clients under contract receive the FULL benefits. MPI firmly believes that all of our boats are a reflection of the company, and that’s only one of the reasons we produce an exceptionally high level of cleanliness and repair quality, customized to fit your needs and budget.

This plan provides you with absolutely hassle-free boating, saving time, money, and stress. Over the years, our customers have come to appreciate our skills and to recognize our professionalism. This continued level of service has allowed us to enjoy outstanding customer retention. MPI prides itself in providing quality services that you would refer to a friend. It is our mission to provide top-quality, allowing you to have a hassle-free boating experience. MPI recognizes that your boating time is your relaxing time. Let MPI worry about the boat so you can relax. “When Quality Service Counts…Call MPI!” The plan is offered on a contract basis or on a time and materials basis and includes the following benefits:

  • Weekly – Exterior Boat Washing and Wipe Dry
  • Monthly– Interior Cleaning
  • Monthly– Complete Systems Check with emailed reports
  • Monthly– Bottom Scrub & Running Gear Check with monthly reports
  • 1 person to call for ALL your boating needs
  • Fuel discounts at Bahia Mar Yachting Center
  • Dockage Discounts at all LXR Luxury Marinas
  • NO overtime charges for after hours services or service calls on weekends
  • NO service call fees
  • NO travel time for regularly scheduled work
  • FREE Tow Boat/US membership (1year)
  • FREE concierge services and trip planning
  • FREE project management
  • FREE limo service from Ft. Lauderdale Int’l Airport to BMYC/P66
  • Participation in our customer loyalty program
  • Online store access to buy marine parts at a discount
  • Priority Hurricane preparation
  • Custom Maintenance Log Book


Here are some of the fringe benefits of services MPI performs for our contract clients:

  • The limo is at the airport waiting for you & takes you right to your boat
  • The boat is clean in and out
  • The water tank is full
  • The waste tank is pumped out
  • The beds are made with the sheets you like
  • Your clothes are washed or dry cleaned and placed back on your bed folded or hanging in your closet
  • The aft cover is off or on to your preference
  • The pillows and cushions are out where you like them
  • The boat is cool and the A/C is at the temperature you like
  • The lights you want on are on when you arrive at night
  • The fluids are checked for your early departure
  • Your provision list has been purchased and put away in your galley
  • The boat has received the “MPI touch”

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