Marine Electronics & A/V Networking

MPI Marine Electronics Inc., is a full-service marine electronics and custom audio-visual (A/V) provider for boat and yacht owners. As part of Marine Professionals Inc., which has been in business since 1997 with two locations in Fort Lauderdale and Naples, we are available to serve our customers at all times.

MPI Marine Electronics provides

  • Navigation Equipment: Chart plotters, radars, depth finders, AIS, and VHF radios
  • A/V & Entertainment Systems: HD satellite TV, wireless HiFi audio, internet video devices and all-in-one remote controls
  • Communication & IT Systems: High-speed WiFi & satellite internet, VoIP communications, and simple networking solutions
  • Security Systems: Wireless security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance systems
  • Monitoring: Onboard and remote monitoring of all ships systems


Our custom-designed, cost-effective systems bring the comforts of home to your yacht. MPI Marine Electronics prides itself in its expertise and doing the job right the first time, with all services performed by our professionally trained, fully licensed “in house” staff. We are not a “middle man” that calls on subcontractors to perform all the work and then charge additional fees. MPI Marine Electronics has been built on providing quality service year after year – which is why we stand behind our work 100%.

In fact, MPI has pioneered an exclusive, proprietary concept called “The Connected Yacht™, bringing all of today’s most innovative technology, including Internet, high-definition satellite TV, wireless stereo systems and remote monitoring systems, together to connect, control and communicate.


The Connected Yacht™ is the most innovative yacht on today’s market and can be customized to meet individual needs. This cutting-edge technology package enhances the luxury vessel experience. Even in the middle of the ocean, you will never feel far away from land, whether you desire a floating office or a home away from home, The Connected Yacht™ makes dreams a reality, leveraging all of today’s technology including HDTV, AppleTV, Internet, Audio, Security, Control, and Service.

Once you watch one football game in High Definition (HD) you can’t go back. Until recently, receiving the HD satellite signal onboard a yacht was not possible. We install TV satellite antennas that receive the HD signal, then taking that signal and distributing it throughout the yacht. With a 1080 TV, the quality is the SAME as your home TV. You can’t live without your DVR? No problem! The DVR system onboard the yacht works the same as in the home so you can record and watch back all of your favorite shows.

Apple TV give you all-the-time access to endless entertainment by playing content from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and your favorite sports leagues on HDTV in HD. The Connected Yacht ® uses Apple TV for downloading movies, TV shows, photos, music, and more. Wirelessly stream a movie from your Apple device to the onboard Apple TV so everyone onboard can enjoy it.

Who said you couldn’t have high speed Internet onboard a yacht? While there a few different ways to connect onboard, The Connected Yacht™ incorporates all or some of the aforementioned sources and a very simple way to pick and choose which Internet connection you want. From your device, simply pick the source you want by clicking on the picture of the Ethernet plug. If you want to monitor and track your data usages just click on “Reset” in the Data Usage box, so you will always know what source you are connected to and the data used. Taking it a step further, you can even password protect the sources so the crew or guests can have access to the ship’s Intranet but not burn up data surfing the Internet.

We install the KVH VSAT Satellite phone antennas that provide The Connected Yacht™ a broadband network virtually anywhere in the world. With a mini –VSAT antenna you can stay connected with your family and friends via the Internet, e-mail, phone and more. Use a VOIP phone to make calls or connect a Magic Jack to save on the satellite phone fees.

With an award-winning TracVision marine satellite TV system onboard, you’ll enjoy high performance tracking, wide geographic coverage, and clear reception when watching your favorite programming.

Cellular Internet is becoming faster and faster. With the introduction of 4G LTE to the market, cellular data streaming is now being used even more often. We install a cellular device with an external antenna to provide a cellular connection even when offshore. You can use the cellular device for only data or voice and data. If you choose to use a “MiFi” unit, then The Connected Yacht™ can take that signal and distribute it throughout the yacht.

Most marinas these days have Hot Spots/WiFi. Some of the Hot Spots are far away and not easy to connect to your device. The Connected Yacht™ has an external antenna onboard the yacht that is able to receive most Hot Spots/WiFi up to 12NM away. Pull up the list of Hot Spots/WiFi’s and simply choose the one you want. Even when at anchor, you can be connected to the Internet from a nearby Hot Spot or WiFi.


The Connected Yacht™ uses only the highest quality sound systems, The SONOS HiFi system and the FUSION stereo system.



Wired sound systems are a thing of the past. The SONOS HiFi audio system allows The Connected Yacht™ to stream music from anywhere in the world wirelessly. Stream the music from your iTunes library wirelessly directly from your Apple device to the SONOS system, or use the ship’s Internet connection to play Pandora (or any music service), or play your favorite radio station form around the world! The SONOS HiFi system allows you to play the same music in every room or play different music in each room. All the functions are controlled from the palm of your hand with the FREE SONOS app.

The FUSION stereo is the most sophisticated, user friendly, stereo system on the market. The Connected Yacht™ uses the FUSION stereo to play up to four (4) zones individually or simultaneously, controlled from a wired FUSION remote or from the palm of your hand with the FREE FUSION app. The FUSION stereo is a True Marine Entertainment System that can also be used as a DVD player for the smaller staterooms. Bluetooth the music from your mobile device to the FUSION stereo and play it throughout The Connected

The Connected Yacht™ is secured and monitored using the leading security company, GOST. The GOST system provides a complete package of Security, Monitoring, Tracking and Surveillance. GOST Phantom Boat Alarms and Vessel Monitoring Systems are all-in-one wireless boat alarm systems combining high security and yacht tracking applications with ease of use and unique consumer features – including a designer look you would never associate with boat security. The GOST Phantom Ship Security and Yacht Tracking System’s wireless sensors monitor and help prevent intrusion, high water, AC power loss, low battery voltage and more. Should any of the Phantom’s wireless sensors be triggered, it will call you and play a recorded voice message of the event, or if you choose – the Phantom can text message your phone. Stay connected to what is going on, onboard with the GOST Watch HD FREE app. Remotely view your onboard cameras and set movement alerts and be emailed video clips whenever someone walks onboard. When the onboard IVR (Internet Video Recorder) is installed, you can record up to 6 cameras for up to 30days that can be viewed locally or remotely.


Forget about having separate remotes for the TV, DirecTV, DVD player and A/V receiver….those days are over! The Connected Yacht™ is controlled by the use of apps or the Logitech Harmony Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE remote. Even if the DirecTV receiver and DVD player are in an electronics cabinet behind a door, the Logitech remote can control them. You can watch DirecTV at your DVD player with one touch of the button. Your TV turns on, switches to the correct input and your DirecTV receiver or DVD player turns on. The SONOS Playbar volume or the TV volume is controlled directly from the Logitech remote as well. Set up icons for 50 of your favorite TV stations and with the FREE Harmony App your smartphone turns into a personal universal remote.

MyTaskit is a new web and mobile app that radically improves communication, record keeping and service coordination by allowing the coordination and documentation of service electronically through one easy-to-use system accessible anytime, anywhere, from any computer, Smartphone or tablet. Features include:

  • Custom boat profiling with details of all the major equipment on your boat
  • Electronic manuals for all major equipment
  • Electronic notifications when maintenance is due (based on manufacturers recommendations)
  • The capability to process service requests electronically, including the addition of photos or videos
  • Electronic status updates of work in process
  • An electronic service history, updated automatically when tasks are completed
  • Checklists for spare parts inventory.

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