Self Mapping on Raymarine

Oftentimes, a major complaint from boaters is that they wish that they had access to more accurate underwater charts. Even with all of the recent advancements in technology, there are still some systems for marine electronics that fall short in this category. There are simply too many variables under the water that could change relatively quickly, that it makes it difficult to keep up to date with all of the underwater mapping. That is why Raymarine has created a self mapping system, called SonarChart™.

Raymarine and Navionics have partnered to create SonarChart™. A highly advanced sonar system that offers boaters the ability of self mapping. This technology allows boaters to take the job of creating accurate charts into their own hands. With this system, boaters themselves are essentially able to create the most precise and accurate charts possible and create custom maps in real time. If you want better charts, all you have to do is go boating!  

SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map featuring enhanced bottom contour detail for marine and lakes. It is helpful for increasing awareness of shallow waters as well as locating fishing areas at any water depth level. These maps are created from the recorded sonar logs through the Navionics system on Raymarine plotters. Because of this technology, SonarChart™ maps can accurately reflect the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms. 

According to the International Council for Science, only around 10% of the world’s seas have been charted to precise accuracy. SonarChart™ with Raymarine is continuously improving their marine electronics abilities. The maps created using SonarChart™ are continually enhanced, making them far superior to any individually generated map. 

By integrating the Navionics technology into your Raymarine plotter with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, any boater is able to activate SonarChart™ right on their screen, record the sonar logs, and upload them immediately. Your uploaded data will be combined with that of other boaters to help create the most accurate underwater maps available. As information is continuously being uploaded, the charts are also updated, ensuring that the data you are seeing is the most up to date.

SonarChart™ can be used by boaters to improve their experience with any activity on the water:

  • Cruising – You can conquer troublesome areas by recording sonar during regular outings.
  • Diving –  The perfect tool to plan your next underwater journey.
  • Fishing – Get the most out of your fishing days and locate fishing areas at any depth level.
  • Sailing – Increase awareness of shallow waters by collecting sonar logs during your sailing trips.

This technology can even be used to create maps that illustrate the change in landscape after a storm, such as a hurricane, to help in future forecasting models.

The ability for self mapping on Raymarine plotters can help boaters in common situations such as accurately navigating when on a new lake or encountering potentially dangerous unknown shallow water. By taking the sonar log contributions through its advanced integration processes, SonarChart™ is able to provide boaters with confidence and a sense of security when out on the water. The power is yours with self mapping on Raymarine using SonarChart™.