Raymarine’s 3D game-changing technology

Who says that 3D technology should be limited to just movies? Not Raymarine, that’s for sure, and they proved that at the 2017 Miami International Boat show. The marine electronics company has, once again, shaking up the industry with its Axiom units featuring RealVision 3D technology.

Raymarine states that “RealVision 3D is the closest thing to draining a lake and walking around it without the extra expense and hassle of a black box or additional transducer.” This game-changing technology offers boaters any perspective view for 3D display regardless of the angle, from top-down views, beneath the boat views and even behind while trolling views. It is capable of easily identifying and defining structures and locating fish with life-like clarity, making it the most advanced navigational and fish-finding multifunction display on the water. Besides just revealing structures, cover, fish and forage in 3D, this revolutionary technology utilizes an organized color-coding system that differentiates structures and baits. It also steers anglers and boaters right towards waypoints and enhances fixed targets, like boat wrecks, with more passes. 

  Although Raymarine’s navigation displays are easy to operate, there is absolutely nothing simple about Raymarine’s navigation displays and the company seems to prove this time and time again. All of its Axiom navigation display models feature this state-of-the-art RealVision 3D technology, so there is bound to be a model that fits both a boaters’ needs and price range. Prices range anywhere from $649 to $3349, so although this technology is a bit costly, Raymarine works with boat owners by providing a vast selection of prices. 

 The price for the RealVision 3D technology may seem quite hefty, but it is very much warranted as placing a price on something that is capable of providing an ultra-realistic view of the underwater realm is virtually impossible. Additionally, its benefits are seemingly endless. It provides the direct location of fish to better present bait, avoids snagging or misrepresenting bait on structure, ensures proper casting placement and even shows new underwater structures, as well as secret spots. Running the system with SideVision split-screen view is also capable of leading to much more precise fish-finding, as well as more accurate boat positioning.  

If you’re a captain who is sick of settling, this display and the user experience that follows it is surely for you. In the long run, the amount of time and money saved by having RealVision 3D technology surpasses its price tag, making it a worthy investment.