MPI’s ANCHOR support

As negative as this may sound, one must always be prepared for the worst regardless  of the situation they are in. Sure, maintaining a positive outlook on life is important, but it is also crucial to understand that things go wrong and emergencies happen, especially in the boating world. The best way to go about handling a marine emergency is actually quite simple: be equipped. Being equipped can mean a variety of things, but one thing is certain and that is that with MPI’s ANCHOR service, you’ll be able to take on any crisis quickly and safely.

Each letter in the word “ANCHOR” stands for a different aspect that we are proud to provide with our emergency crisis service. 

The “A” stands for the fact that we are always available. MPI has a great number of skilled technicians that are ready for service repair regardless of the hour. We offer on-call services and have access to aircraft for a same day repair throughout Florida and the Bahamas. This ensures that you and your boat are back up and running in no time, as there is absolutely zero reason to prolong this process. 

The “N” represents that with our ANCHOR service, you will never have to worry. No matter the emergency, MPI has you covered with any service. We understand that dealing with a crisis is already quite a taxing situation, so we recommend taking a step back and letting the professionals handle it. We work our hardest to make sure that you stay stress and worry-free.

The “C” denotes our crisis support team. Our crisis response team has 22 years of experience and a plethora of professional resources. This experience has exposed us to a lot and we truly stand by the fact that we have seen it all, so we are prepared to handle any crisis. When one has a car emergency, he or she is usually quick to call a service to help them handle it, and our ANCHOR service works to do the same for you and your vessel. 

The “H” stands for our 24/7 helpline. Our crisis support team and other employees are available to help answer any questions or take on any task at any time of the day. Emergencies don’t just happen during regular work hours, so every hour of the day is a regular work hour for ANCHOR service. 

The “O” represents the fact that we are always on call. MPI has employees working around the clock to answer all of your calls and questions. Our customers are our number one priority and we want them to know that regardless of the hour, we are here to help. No one should deal with an emergency alone and with our ANCHOR service, you will never have to. 

The “R” stands for our rapid response. As mentioned, MPI has access to an on-call aircraft that is fueled and ready at all times. We understand that remaining patient during a crisis may seem like an impossible task. Our rapid response makes sure that a technician is there to handle the situation in no time, allowing you to maintain composure. 

MPI is known for offering boaters with the most up-to-date technologies and services that guarantee a fun time on the water, but we also want boaters to know that we are there to handle the not-so-fun times as well. Our ANCHOR service handles any and all crises so that you don’t have to. With MPI, all times on the water are times of smooth sailing.