Marine Professionals Incorporated main goal is to always provide high quality options to boat owners when it comes to shade on your boat. SureShade uses top builders and remains committed to delivering market-proven boat shade systems that excel in both functionality and aesthetics for an improved boating experience. MPI is a registered SureShade Installer and takes the hassle out of having to measure and self install your SureShade. Give MPI a call at 954-763-4161 and we will have your shade installed worry free and in no time. 

sureshade installer

A sunshade is an extremely important, and oftentimes necessary component of any vessel. In order to create their first class marine experience, that starts with superior options. MPI prides itself on offering our clients the highest quality products available when it comes to designing their boat. That is why, when it comes to marine sunshades, we choose to offer SureShade retractable sunshade systems.

Today, nearly 150 boat models come with SureShade as a standard feature. For those that don’t, MPI proudly installs SureShade systems for anyone looking to upgrade their boat.  In addition to installing SureShade systems, we also repair and maintain the systems, making it convenient for all of our clients to make sure their boat always looks its best. While there are many shade options available to boat owners, SureShade has set the standard when it comes to convenience and style. While some marine suppliers simply adapt a product for marine use, SureShade created a shade design that is specifically built for the marine environment.  SureShade retractable sunshade systems are designed for both comfort and convenience on deck and are adaptable to almost any boat style. Some of the biggest benefits of the SureShade system over the standard “scissor” shades that are often used are:
  • SureShade’s unique U-shape framework configuration. This ensures the shade’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the hardtop structure for balanced weight distribution. It is essential to guarantee that the boat’s center of gravity is not affected by the weight of the shade.
  • SureShade patented telescoping framework design. The canvas shade is extended using a patented roller system with cross components that match the curves of a boat and require no support poles.
  • SureShade offers superior functionality and aesthetics with its telescoping sunshade system due to the construction techniques and materials used.
Marine Professionals Inc is proud to install, repair and maintain any SureShade retractable sunshade system. Ready to upgrade your boat to a first class marine experience?