Marine electronics are often times overwhelming and a bit of a mystery. It’s difficult to know which products are best for you, and how often they will need to be updated. Marine Professionals Inc is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to marine electronics. We recommend that if a product is five years or older, it is time for it to be upgraded. The team at MPI, which includes a marine electrician, has worked together to compile a list of the essential marine products you’ll need to enjoy safe and stress-free sailing.

Depending on what your boat is being used for will determine the specific marine electronics and products you will need. Purchasing unnecessary products is all too common, especially for newer boat owners. In an effort to avoid over-spending on marine electronics, our on-staff marine electronic technicians are available to guide you in the process of selecting, installing, and using the marine electronics that are best for your situation.

Of course, there are certain marine electronics that most, if not all, boat owners will need to consider, such as marine security systems and communication systems. However, someone that is using their boat for fishing, and someone using their boat for cruising and yachting are going to need two very different sets of marine electronics. 

That’s where the expertise of MPI technicians comes in. Using their knowledge and skills, they are able to suggest the ideal marine products that will be of the most benefit. Not only that, but they will also be able to install and instruct you on how to use them, ensuring your confidence out on the water.

Marine Professionals Inc offers a full range of marine electronics any boat owner will need. We provide:

  • Navigation Equipment: This set of products is ideal for the avid fisher.  It includes Chart plotters, radars, depth finders, AIS, and VHF radios.

  • A/V & Entertainment Systems: A full range of products for the boat owner looking to live out the luxury lifestyle, including HD satellite TV, wireless HiFi audio, internet video devices and all-in-one remote controls.

  • Communication & IT Systems: For those looking to stay connected, we offer High-speed WiFi & satellite internet, VoIP communications, and simple networking solutions

  • Security Systems: Marine security systems are a priority for any boat owner.  Marine Professionals Inc offers a wide range of Wireless security options, monitoring, tracking and surveillance systems.

  • Monitoring: An important consideration for most boat owners, we also provide onboard and remote monitoring of all of your boat’s systems.