Marine Professionals uses only the highest quality sound systems customized to provide the best sound experience.


Wired sound systems are a thing of the past. The SONOS HiFi audio system allows The Connected Yacht™ to stream music from anywhere in the world wirelessly. Stream the music from your iTunes library wirelessly directly from your Apple device to the SONOS system, or use the ship’s Internet connection to play Pandora (or any music service), or play your favorite radio station form around the world! The SONOS HiFi system allows you to play the same music in every room or play different music in each room. All the functions are controlled from the palm of your hand with the FREE SONOS app.

The FUSION stereo is the most sophisticated, user friendly, stereo system on the market. The Connected Yacht™ uses the FUSION stereo to play up to four (4) zones individually or simultaneously, controlled from a wired FUSION remote or from the palm of your hand with the FREE FUSION app. The FUSION stereo is a True Marine Entertainment System that can also be used as a DVD player for the smaller staterooms. Bluetooth the music from your mobile device to the FUSION stereo and play it throughout The Connected Yacht™.