Underwater lighting is a highly interactive component of any boating experience. This lighting is not only important for safety reasons, but it also allows the boat owners to enhance the aesthetic look of their boat through creativity in lighting choices. Boat owners are always looking for ways to make their vessel stand out, and customization of accessories is a large part of that. If you are looking to design your boat with lights, turn to the expert in the industry, Lumishore, for help.

A key element in the overall lighting design of your vessel that is often overlooked is the underwater lighting component. Underwater lighting offers the benefit of added safety when boating at night. It greatly helps to see your surroundings and allow others to easily see you as well. The other benefit of creating an underwater lighting system specific to your vessel is that you are able to add to the overall style of your boat.

With Lumishore, there are nearly an unlimited amount of lighting configurations that you could choose from when you design your boat with lights. Lumishore has a variety of color options, mounting types, and beam angles, so you can choose the underwater lights that will create the look and feel that will perfectly complement your boat.

Lumishore makes it easy to control your system as well. All of the components of your lighting system with Lumishore can be easily controlled in three ways. The first is by a standard on/off switch for a single color or even multicolored lights. The second option for controlling your lighting system is by using the free Lumi-App on your smartphone or device. Lastly, your lighting system can be integrated into your Garmin or Raymarine interface, making controlling your underwater lighting extremely convenient.

When you choose to design your boat with lights with Lumishore, there are some amazing benefits that you will get that you won’t find with many other brands. The key benefits of the underwater lights with Lumishore are:

  • They are all developed and designed “in house”
  • Lumishore offers the smallest dual-color and full 4-channel arrays available on the market
  • The lights offer the highest power density 
  • They offer brighter lights with smaller footprints
  • All Lumishore systems are plug-and-play for multi-color lights

If you are interested in creating an underwater lighting system for your boat, Lumishore has created the perfect online tool to assist customers in this process. It is called the Configurator. The Online Configurator allows you to virtually see the lights will look like on your type of vessel. You have the ability to select your boat and see how a variety of lights would look once installed. It is the perfect way to decide which lighting configuration is the best choice for the design of your boat.

Lumishore’s Configurator is a visual product tool that enables users to build, design, quote, and order/buy products using an interactive and visual experience. This powerful product visualization tool allows for the realistic rendering of designs, colors, beam angles, fixtures & placement patterns on your preferred boat.

When you want to design your boat with lights, turn to Lumishore to guide you in the right direction.  Lumishore is the only underwater LED lighting provider with full Lloyd’s Type Approval, including safety-critical EMI/EMC testing and compliance. With the Online Configurator, products that are developed and designed in house, and the variety of lighting options available, Lumishore is the clear choice when it comes to underwater lighting for your vessel. Design your boat with lights, with Lumishore.