Importance of routine maintenance on a yacht

With all of the fun times associated with boating, it is often easy to forget about the responsibilities that come with owning a boat. However, to continue creating these action-packed memories, it is crucial to keep up with the routine maintenance on a yacht. Cars require that their owners stay up-to-date with their maintenance, and yachts are not all that different.

Regardless of the type of vessel you own, let it be a fishing boat or cruising yacht, it needs to undergo routine maintenance. Saltwater and sun maybe two things that ensure a fun boat day for family and friends, but they are your boat’s worst enemies. Saltwater and metal are not the best match because saltwater is naturally corrosive. Saltwater has the power to corrode metal five times faster than freshwater can and when you factor in the humid ocean air, it can corrode it ten times faster than air with regular humidity. This can cause serious damage to your boat’s engine, exterior and even electronics, but thorough care and cleaning after every use has the power to prevent this corrosion. Additionally, a deep bottom cleaning of your vessel is recommended once a month. If routine maintenance has the power to protect your car’s engine, then it should be a no-brainer. The term “maintenance” is rather broad and encompasses a variety of different things that need to be done to your boat, much more than your car. It includes the routine checking of your systems and safety equipment, as you never want to be stranded without your instruments or safety gear. It also includes a regular oil change, which is best after every 100 hours of use. So essentially,  routine maintenance just ensures that your vessel is functioning at its full potential so that it can continue to serve you to the best of its abilities. 

Vessel maintenance can be done by you, the boat owner, or by a professional, the choice is completely yours. If you do seek out the help of a professional, we here at MPI are your one-stop shop for all of your boat maintenance needs. Routine maintenance is a simple task and although it may seem costly in the short term, the long-term savings and hassle free boating that come with it are well worth-it. Boating should be a pleasurable experience and routine maintenance makes sure that it stays one. For the run down of everything MPI will help you with check out our site for more details