Fusion Apollo Series

Marine Electronics Fusion Apollo

Sure, boating in itself is a blast, but there is one thing that really has the power to transform the entire boating experience: a marine audio entertainment system. No one actually enjoys boating in silence and although the sound of the waves may at times be relaxing, having the ability to play music on your boat is a real treat. Fusion is leading the way in marine audio entertainment and its newest series—the Apollo Series—is truly making some waves in the marine audio entertainment realm and setting the industry’s standards. 

The Apollo Series harnesses the power of Fusion, which ensures that premium audio is delivered to all speakers in any environment and the listening experience is a technically superior one. Audio levels are precisely calculated and optimized for the human ear to make sure that the quality of audio delivered at every volume level is impeccable. Moreover, the Apollo Series features PartyBus, Fusion’s audio distribution network. PartyBus was created for music lovers who value the freedom of musical choice and playing what they want, when and where they want it. It gives you the power to play the party across the entirety of the boat, or just in a single cabin. You can add as many PartyBus enabled stereos to your onboard entertainment system as you desire, and each one is given the choice of joining Party Mode to play faultlessly synced audio throughout the entire boat, or to enter Personal Mode to play your own audio source in whichever zone without disturbing the party in other zones of the boat.

The RA770 is the flagship of the Fusion Apollo Series. It is the world’s first purpose-built marine entertainment system to feature a full-color LCD glass touchscreen display and built-in Wi-Fi, both of which take this marine audio entertainment system to the next level. The stylish touch screen comes with the option to install the stereo flush or flat to effortlessly blend in with modern glass helms, making it a beautiful addition to a boat’s steering station. The RA770 provides users with a multitude of audio source options to choose from to play their favorite tracks: Bluetooth, Optical Audio (TV), AUX, AM/FM radio or USB. Additionally, it has advanced SiriusXM features available in the U.S. and is DAB+ ready in Australia and Europe. The Apollo Series also features the SRX400 zone stereo. This stereo delivers the powerful feature set that Apollo is known for, but in versatile and compact form. Similar to the RA770, this model has Fusion’s DSP, Wi-Fi audio streaming and PartyBus functionality. 

Both models in the Apollo Series are water and dust resistant, allowing you to enjoy your vessel’s onboard entertainment system regardless of the weather conditions. The features of the Apollo Series seem to be never-ending and are a true representation of Fusion’s innovation. The  only thing missing from your boat is this state-of-the-art system; enter the new era of marine audio entertainment today with the Apollo Series. Your boat and ears will thank you later.