Five things to consider before starting your refit yacht projects

Refitting your yacht is quite the undertaking. Making your boat new again is by no means a quick or easy process, nor is it an inexpensive one. It may seem as though there are hundreds of things to consider before even starting this project and MPI understands just how stressful this may be. So, we’ve decided to create an outline of the top five things to consider before starting your refit yacht projects. 

The first step prior to taking on a refit project, it is really important to have a professional survey done by reputable SAMS surveyor.  This survey is a must to understand exactly what needs to be upgraded and the scope of the work. Another important thing to consider is that all facets of the boat have been looked over. A boat is a complex machine with many components that all require detailed attention and looking over every aspect ensures that no part is forgotten. It crucial to make sure that boat is sound in terms of its structure, that all of its engines have been carefully looked at and that all connections have been checked and all are covered. Additionally, after a few years, electronics become out of date and must be upgraded, so looking over the electronic aspect of the boat will ease the upgrade decisions regarding that. The second facet that is looked over is surely the most fun: the cosmetics of the boat. This takes into account if one wants to change the boat’s hull and deck color or if one wants to get new interior. This part is entirely personal preference and looking it over makes sure that no detail is left behind. 

The third thing to consider is that you’re choosing the right refit yard. Refit shipyards provide an extensive range of services and selecting the right one based on your boat’s refit needs may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. MPI can help with this step and since we have long-term relationships with subcontractors and local yards with known quality assurance, we can guarantee that your yacht will be in the best and most adept of hands. This brings us to the last two considerations: if this is a one shot project or one that needs to be completed in multiple phases. The refit process is comprised of various details and requires one to take a lot of things into account. Getting the help of a professional service, like MPI can simplify the process and also ensures that the vessel is thoroughly prepared for the refit period and that no detail is missed.

Considering these five major things is a good start to the refit yacht project procedure, but refitting your yacht demands intricate budgeting, scheduling and management. MPI is more than capable of running this entire process. Our expertise in project management, professional planning consultation and design turns this rather complex process into a simple one. Owning a yacht is a pleasure, upgrading one should be as well. Find out more on how MPI can guide you on your refit projects here: