Docksense Alert

There is a new addition to marine electronics world,  Raymarine’s docking technology line that is now available – Raymarine Docksense Alert. This system is part of the next generation of intelligent object recognition and motion-sensing assisted docking solutions for boat owners. It uses FLIR thermal technology to detect nearby obstacles, giving users an extremely accurate image of their surroundings, and making it an ideal choice for any boat owner.

Raymarine Docksense Alert is designed for use on a broader range of vessels, and can be installed on nearly any boat. The systems’ thermal technology helps boat owners monitor their surroundings and assists in safely docking their boats. With advanced motion sensors, the system accurately measures the distance to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels to create an accurate 3D map of the boat’s surrounding area. 

DockSense Alert works with the Raymarine range of Axiom multifunction displays, as well as a variety of other 3D stereo vision cameras. The system takes an accurate thermal scan of the surrounding area, and then a simplified birds-eye-view is rendered on the Axiom screen for viewing. The live video feed from each camera makes it easy to see into any blind spots, virtually eliminating them. This can all be done right from the helm, which is extremely convenient.

The Raymarine Docksense Alert marine electronics docking technology system can consist of up to five DockSense stereo vision cameras, and a central processor that is connected to a Raymarine Axiom display or network. When considering if the Docksense Alert system is right for you, here are the five biggest benefits to keep in mind:

  • DockSense Alert precisely and accurately measures distances to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels for maximum visibility and safety.
  • It provides real-time visual indicators along with a live camera view on Raymarine Axiom multifunction displays.
  • The system provides audible and visual alarms to alert the captain in real-time to the potential effects of increased wind, water current, and propeller thrust.
  • The system’s automatic weather shields keep camera optics clean and protected when not in use.
  • Boat owners have access to the DockSense Alert app in LightHouse 3, which offers instant access to their system features and controls.

When choosing a marine electronics system to assist in docking your boat, the Raymarine Docksense Alert has you covered. It’s ability to detect, display, and alert of any obstacles around your boat using FLIR vision camera technology ensures the safety of your vessel. With controls that are similar to the driver-assist on today’s vehicles, it helps to prevent underwater scrapes, or damage of any kind.

With all of the benefits of the Raymarine Docksense Alert system, and it’s ease of use, it’s easy to see why this docking technology is quickly becoming so well known and widely used within the marine industry. Rely on the marine electronics Raymarine Docksense Alert system, and dock with confidence.