Dockmate - Wireless yacht remote control

Have you ever been out on the water and thought to yourself, “wow, I really wish I had an extra pair of hands on board to help me out with docking”? We’ve all been there because let’s face it, docking, operating and controlling your boat are not easy. Thankfully, with the Dockmate® wireless control system, docking your boat has never been simpler, so this thought will never cross your mind again.

All boats with electronic engine controls can be equipped with the Dockmate® system, regardless of the length or type of the boat. The Twist transmitter, preferably worn with the included neck strap, is completely waterproof and floats. It is only the size of an iPhone and has a very simple, clear button layout.

The TWIN and TWIST transmitters send a coded digital signal to the receiver which operates the engine(s), thruster(s), anchor and horn. The system is modular so if you start with just engines and horn and want to add the thruster and/or anchor later, you can do that.  An added benefit of the modular design is that the Dockmate can also be moved from your current boat to your new boat (when you buy it, of course).

Operation is easy, accurate, safe and reliable, and can be done from any location aboard the boat. If the transmitter somehow slips out of your hands, then all systems immediately go to neutral.

The Dockmate® signal reaches up to 150 feet (50 meters). The receiver is mounted behind the helm and measures about 8.75” x 8.75.” Each Dockmate® system is unique and will not be disturbed by any other Dockmate®.

As a safety measure, the receivers can be connected to up to 2 power sources.  The transmitters also feature visual, audible and kinesthetic (vibration) indication.  The transmitters can be operated from any location on the boat, automatically shut off after not being used for 30 minutes and can also be switched-off in a panic without a hitch. These transmitters use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology with 88 bit encoding that also have visual and audio confirmation to inform you about the communication status between the transmitter and the receiver.  FHSS ensures a reliable data transmission and is same technology used today with cell phones, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Connecting the reliable Dockmate® to the engine is simple and can be done 3 different ways: analog, digitally through sophisticated CAN bus technology or directly onto the gearbox. Moreover, the Dockmate® system comes with plug & play cables that work with most brands and it is FCC approved.  To find the system that best fits both you and your boat’s needs, keep reading to learn about the different remote-control products: the Dockmate® SINGLE, TWIN, TWIST AND TWIST for IPS or pods.

The Dockmate® TWIST works to provide a wireless extension of your boat’s controls with the exact same response time and feeling. It is equipped with a 3-axis proportional joystick that allows for you to control 1 or 2 engines, the bow and stern thruster, the horn and 1 or 2 anchor winches or windlasses all with separate buttons. The TWIST joystick can rotate the boat 360°, enabling you to move in all directions including a 45 deg with only one engine.    There are no “modes” to learn, just push and go just like a fixed mounted joystick. Additionally, the Dockmate® TWIST can be wirelessly charged, further adding on to the simplicity of using it. 

As an added feature, any TWIST remote includes Dockmate proprietary DockControl software.  Dockmate’s DockControl software offers the ultimate in remote control customizability. When combined with the DockControl software suite, Dockmate offers customers an off-the-shelf remote control solution that can be tailored to the real-world capabilities and needs of their vessel, as well as to their own boating style. DockControl gives the installer the ability to program the remote control by choosing any combination of engine(s) and thruster(s) activation(s). It allows for adjusting the sensitivity and behavior of the Dockmate TWIST joystick, choosing which functions are activated by each joystick direction and even adjust the size of the joystick’s dead-zone to avoid accidental activation.

Engine control adjustments for the TWIST 3-axis joystick, such as delays and RPM levels, can be fine-tuned and adjusted as well.

If you have a boat with Volvo Penta IPS or any Volvo Joystick, the Dockmate® TWIST for IPS is the perfect Dockmate® system for you. It allows for the control of engines or POD system, the horn, bow thruster and 1 or 2 anchor winches/windlasses all by pushing separate buttons. If the boat is equipped with (DPS) Dynamic Positioning, the TWIST for IPS allows you to activate that DPS function with the push of a button.  Dockmate can also engage High Mode (high RPM mode). Like the TWIST, the TWIST for IPS acts as a portable, wireless extension of your boat’s Volvo Penta joystick with the same exact response time and feeling. 

The next two control systems are the Dockmate® TWIN and the Dockmate® Single. As with the aforementioned control systems, both of these offer users a wireless extension of their boat’s controls with exact response time and feeling. The TWIN and SINGLE both allow for the control of the boat’s engine, bow and stern thruster, horn and 1 or 2 anchor winches or windlasses all at the touch of separate buttons. However, the TWIN allows for 2 engines to be controlled, whereas the SINGLE allows for the control of 1. Both systems run on 3 replaceable AAA batteries and generally, one set of batteries can run for an entire boating season.

As you can see, the technology and offerings behind the Dockmate® system are quite intricate and extensive, but there’s absolutely nothing complicated about using it. The complexity of the technology behind the system is just to guarantee that docking your boat is as simple as can be. The creators behind Dockmate® are committed to simplifying operating control and these new generations of remote control are evidence of that. Let Dockmate help you—invest in an extra pair of hands onboard today.