Raymarine Augmented Reality

Today, It seems as though augmented reality has become a part of every major industry and thanks to Raymarine, it has become a part of boating too. FLIR Systems has completely revolutionized the marine industry with the introduction of its Raymarine navigation technology, ClearCruise™ AR (Augmented Reality). The ClearCruise™ joins Raymarine’s family of Axiom multifunction displays (MFDs). Let us take a look into what exactly this cutting-edge technology is capable of doing.

Avid boaters know that the key to safe sailing lies in remaining aware. With ClearCruise™  AR’s multifunction displays, water awareness has never been easier. Users can see critical navigation objects directly on HD video displays thanks to the Raymarine AR200, which has integrated with ClearCruise. The AR2000’s video stabilization module features a precision GNSS/GPS sensor, as well as the same attitude heading reference sensor (AHRS) technology featured in Raymarine’s award-winning Evolution autopilots. ClearCruise™ AR’s video imagery is supported by Raymarine CAM210 HD marine cameras, which makes it capable of providing an augmented reality view from any camera position on the vessel. So essentially, boaters with this navigation technology have the ability to be everywhere and see everything at once. 

When we say “see everything”, we really do mean everything. Raymarine’s ClearCruise™  AR shows surrounding automatic identification system (AIS) traffic, nearby navigation markers and waypoints in sync with real-world visuals. The AIS traffic is displayed with real-time graphics, color-coded labels to identify AIS targets, as well as charted navigation aids, which all make high traffic situations easier to handle. Additionally, this system allows captains to see buoy markings, edges of the safe side of channels and display objects much easier, turning complex navigation into something much more straightforward and simpler to understand. AR also brings identification to boats, can confirm the positions of navigation aids and provides more information on vessels with a long press on the screen featuring details like course, speed and CPA. 

ClearCruise™ users can choose to use the system with either a split-screen or full-screen display, the choice is entirely up to them. Users can use the system in whatever way they deem best fit, and regardless of the way they choose to use it, it will aid in making sailing a smooth process. “Using Axiom’s powerful video capabilities and our exclusive AR200 video image stabilization technology, ClearCruise AR gives captains greater confidence and peace of mind when navigating busy or unfamiliar waterways,” said Travis Merrill, President of the Commercial Business Unit at  FLIR. Boating can oftentimes be a stressful thing, but thanks to ClearCruise™, it does not have to be. ClearCruise Augmented Reality allows captains to make smarter, more thought out decisions by directly looking at an HD video display, proving that one can work smarter without having to work harder.

Due to all this it is capable of, this cutting edge navigation system won the Innovation Award in the OEM electronics category at the IBEX marine industry event in Tampa, FL. The future seems bright for this state-of-the-art technology and is just another example of how Raymarine is at the top of the marine industry.